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Not only did we go to the North Cape.
But also the scenic coastal route from Steinkjer to Bodø, and then the ferry out to Lofoten before continuing towards the far north.
After visiting The North Cape plateau we stopped in nearby Honningsvaag were I was born.
Then we drove eastwards along the coast to Tanafjorden, crossing Tana river for our final destination Berlevaag a few hours to the north.
A small fishing village were I spent some summer holidays alone with my grandparents 45 years ago.

I have tried my best within the limits of available time during the trip, to capture the beauty of nature and also the mood of the trip with my camera.
What I have done in pictures and text on the following pages, is first and foremost a family album from a great trip back to my roots.
And then made it available on the internet for relatives and friends scattered all over the world.

Still it might do well as a source of inspiration for anyone thinking about making a similar trip.
During more than a year of planning and dreaming I was unable to find anything similar to this on the internet for inspiration.
I myself prefer large high resolution images with a sense of being there, compared to the small postage stamps you generally find on the net.
One thing that struck me when editing the photos was the lack of trash and debris, especially along the roads.
And the presence of solitude, in an environment free of distractions.
In the back of my head, when looking through these photos, I can still feel a little of that intense saturation of all my senses.

If you have been reading this far, go ahead and enjoy the pictures with the storyline also.

There are four sections with approximately 20 pictures in each.
The single picture on each page is relatively large in size at 1200 x 900 pixels, but compressed for quick loading.
Navigating back and forth through the pictures is done with the arrows to the left and right below the main menu on each page

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